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Our aim is to help integrator companies elevate their professional standards and improve efficiency through our on-demand services.

Strategic Planning

Are you constantly scrambling to keep up with project changing plans and deadlines? Outsource project design and planning with us and make your company more efficient!


Do you have doubts about the best way to accomplish some smart home solutions?


Do you need a bespoke programmer for your project?

Driver Development

Do you need a custom developed driver for your project?


With a degree in Electrical Engineering as my foundation, I've been immersed in the captivating realm of automation systems and AV technology for the past 6 years. My journey began with a simple fascination, and it soon evolved into a passion that propelled me to enhance my skills.I've had the privilege of contributing in several projects in different parts of the world, ranging from high-end residences to luxurious yachts. Throughout my career, I've immersed myself in various automation brands and standards. While I've worked extensively with Control4 and KNX due to their versatility and integration capabilities, my expertise also extends to systems like Lutron, Savant, Crestron, Modbus, Bacnet, among others.This journey has equipped me with an integral understanding of every facet of the project, as I have immersed myself in a wide range of tasks: from device installation, configuration and custom programming, up to the creation of general project design and meticulous documentation to facilitate execution. This provides me with the ability to efficiently and comprehensively create solutions tailored to client requirements and site-specific needs.That's why, in 2023, I made the decision to embark on my own path as a Self-Employed. This way, I can offer my consultancy, strategic planning, and programming skills to both final customers and installation companies, helping them extract the utmost value from every project.I firmly believe that smart homes and automation systems represent the present and future of modern living. By harmonizing comfort, safety, and energy efficiency, we can elevate the quality of life and contribute to a sustainable future. Join me on this exciting journey as we embrace the possibilities that automation and AV technology bring to our lives. Welcome to the future of living!🏡💡


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Strategic Planning

Elevate your company to new heights

We understand the tasks of an Integrator Company, from sales and meetings to project documentation and execution. We also comprehend the challenges of keeping projects organized, well-documented, and smoothly executed due to their dynamic nature.Our Strategic Planning service offers bespoke solutions to keep every project execution as efficient as possible while delivering high-end projects, even if they face changes on the go.Being an on-demand service, we act like a spring, absorbing the “vibrations” of these changes.This not only allows you to dedicate more time to sales opportunities but also ensures the production of top-notch projects while filtering stress for the company.Documentation is the “visible face” of this service. Without well-developed project documentation, it is difficult to improve any other project processes. However, this service goes beyond simple drawing design.If you want to learn how our Strategic Planning process can benefit your company, Contact Us, and let's organize a meeting!



Sometimes an automation project can be a challenge: lot of devices involved, integration of brands, protocols, special design requirements, custom programmig, etc.But you don't have to be alone in this, I can collaborate with you to overcome all the uncertainty you have to get the most out of the project!

Contact Us, and we can review the project together!



Every project is unique and requires tailored programming to meet its specific requirements. To achieve this, a high level of expertise is essential to ensure the project runs smoothly.But the programmer must also anticipate different situations for each project and consider the 'what if...?' scenarios to ensure the system responds correctly and avoids unexpected issues.Need bullet-proof programming? Contact Us!

Driver Development

Filling the gap

With knowledge of multiple programming languages such as LUA, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C, Python, and more, we can merge them with automation platforms like Control4. This allows us to develop custom drivers to enhance projects and address system gaps, ultimately improving the user and dealer experience.You can check out our public developments on DriverCentral.Do you need any special driver? Contact Us!